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This weeks playlist – Writing Inspiration

My playlist lately has consisted of:

Demons by Imagine Dragons
All about that Bass by Meghan Trainor (I’m still not tired of this one!)
I See You by Luke Bryan
Angel by Shaggy
So What by Pink
Santa Baby by Kylie Minogue
Bailando by Enrique Iglesias
L.A. Love by Fergie
If I Stay Soundtrack

I hope your day is full of awesome music!

PS. When I say “by” above I mean “sung by”. 🙂


Tasty Taboo Preview by P.I. Love

Looking for a sizzling hot read for those long hours in line? This tasty treat is coming out this weekend!


BriAnne has spent too many summers watching the Cavanaugh brothers seduce woman after woman while completely ignoring her. This year she is refusing to join them at the lake. Instead she will spend the summer alone preparing for her freshman year at college.

The Cavanaugh Brothers have other ideas. They’ve waited for this summer patiently and they are going to have their reward… her.


It was hard to breathe, either because of Adam’s large body on mine or his descriptive words. As if sensing my needs he rolled over in the bed and brought me on top.

“Say yes Bri. Say you’ll be ours.” His mouth kissed just the right spot on my neck.


As soon as the words were out of my mouth his lips slammed on to mine. His spicy scent hit me and I wanted to taste everything. Before I could begin my exploration he pulled me off the bed.

“What? Weren’t we going to…” I couldn’t finish the sentence, but my eyes settled back on my bed.

“Not yet.” I looked back at Adam just as he threw his shirt over his shoulder. “First we are going to shower together.”

Adam slowly pulled down the jean’s zipper over his thick bulge. Goosebumps formed on my arms and I licked my lips in anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed as his large cock jumped free. His deep voice penetrated my thoughts, “Then you are going to show me what that mouth can do.” Yes, I really really want that too.

“Then I’ll show you what my mouth can do. Then I’m going to come inside you so hard that you will never forget our first time together.”

What do you think?

Pinterest – HOT Inspiration – Adults Only!

Warning: All boards mentioned below are adult only. And you my want to have some ice tea nearby cause these are HOT.

I’m constantly looking for inspiration for my writing. And I’m a very visual person so you’ll often find perusing hot pinterest boards like Lori Foster’s. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about her Man Candy:

Not to mention her Risque (Warning: Hot, Hot, Hot):

I just had to share some new ones I came across:

Let’s make Love:


Sensual Moments:

Have fun!

Tasty Tuesday Treat – dark angel?

There’s an expression that says a picture’s worth a thousand words. I couldn’t agree more. Pictures also can be interpreted a thousand different ways. So when I look at this picture I think of a sexy fallen angel. A little bad boy in him. What do you think of?
Handsome Man Posing

Happy Tuesday!