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Keeping the Romance Alive…

Vacation couple walking on beach together in love holding around

Sometimes relationships just take a little work. Okay, to be totally honest, they take A LOT of work. ‘Joe’ and I have known each other for about 3 years now and have been “serious” for 4 months. (Although there is an argument about that… but I’m sure you all would agree that I’m right.) 🙂

We’ve gotten to that point in the relationship where I can wear my old yoga pants and he can…never mind, I won’t go into that. 😉 But lately I feel like we’ve gotten into a routine, so I found this article on 11 ways to keep your romance alive. (BTW, the article says 14 ways, but it only lists 11…oops) What do you think?

  1. Send Flowers – for no reason at all
  2. Cook Dinner Together
  3. Plan a weekend getaway
  4. Send an unexpected text
  5. Have a movie night at home
  6. Take a Class together
  7. Plan a lazy Saturday to stay in bed
  8. Get dressed up
  9. Go for a Sunday drive
  10. Enjoy the great outdoors
  11. Plan a relaxing night at home

I’m doing #8 tonight and hopefully that leads to #7. My yoga pants will be there tomorrow, but for tonight it’s a little purple dress and high heels.