Me on so many levels today…

If you haven’t seen Parks and Recreations then let me tell you… just get through the first season and you will be sucked in. At least that happened to me and now I’m even more convinced that Christ Pratt and I should be best friends. Here’s my favorites lately… probably because I’m on a diet and exercise routine and I want to die.




Now I’d better turn off netflix and join the real world…. or maybe one more episode won’t kill me.


Santa Baby

Smiling Winter Woman

Santa baby just slip a little of this under my tree for me…


Been anΒ awful good girl Santa baby.

I’m still in Siberia, but I’m heading home tomorrow! I really could use some thing warm when I land. πŸ™‚

Hopefully your plans are HOT and fun and exactly what you want.



I’m going on my last business trip of the year. Hallelujah!! One little tidbit about me and I’m hoping I’m not the only crazy one like this. If I don’t unpack the day I get home it will take weeks. Weeks and weeks. Usually I unpack around the time I’m packing for my next trip… I’m that bad. Does that mean I’ll get coal in my stocking? Could it be a sexy werewolf named Cole?? Pretty please Santa baby.

Tidbit number 2 is I’m going to see Star Wars next week with my Ex. We are still good friends but nothing else really… I pinky swear. Maybe. Anyways most of my friends are seeing it this week while I’m in Siberia (not really but the place I’m going got a foot of snow today, I mean really). So I’m warning everyone if they tell me anything they will be off my Christmas list. Seriously…

Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

Loves and kisses you crazy kids,



I’m going to see the last movie in the Hunger Games franchise tonight. I can’t wait! I’m a die hard fan of these books, although the ending was so hard to read. Maybe, perhaps, they’ll change it for the movie? Like “you know who” and the other “you know who” won’t die??

In honor of this momentous occasion I found some funny hunger games memes online at clipd:



I hope you have a wonderful week and build a snowman if you can. Although if you are with some hottie just stay inside. There are much better games to play… πŸ™‚