Who’d you rather?

Do you play the game “Who’d you rather?” with your friends, coworkers, strangers on the bus? I’m a little obsessed. In honor of my week of meetings I’m doing a “Who’d you rather: Villain Edition.”

Loki vs Bucky Barnes

LOKI – God of Mischief

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BUCKY BARNES – Winter Soldier

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Meetings Rant

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<Start rant> I had 6 hours of meetings today, and I don’t want to complain (yes I do), but seriously what’s wrong with people? If you schedule a meeting be prepared. If you’re not prepared cancel the meeting. If you don’t cancel the meeting then be prepared for my bitch face. <End rant>

Honestly I love how I can have more web meetings rather than traveling. Although if it’s a video meeting please be dressed. Yes I’ve seen a few naked telecommuters that I didn’t want to ever see that way, because they had no idea that their video is on. Pretty funny the first time, the second time we all have to go to harassment training. So just to be safe, always cover your video camera.

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I want to schedule some “ME” meetings. Cause I’m done with people for the year. Wake me up next year. I’ll be more positive.

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What to cook for dinner?

I have a dilemma every night of what to cook for dinner. I have no idea why I stress so much about this. I even do meal plans and still have the same level of stress. Maybe I was a chef in another life, but in this life I’m a disaster.

So guess who’s in charge of Christmas Dinner? Me! <Insert Scream> I’ve started my preliminary cooking this week to see how long everything takes and if it tastes good. Rolls, check. Salad, check. Everything else? Unchecked. My main worry is the ham, but everyone says this is so easy.

What is your go to meal for the holidays? Any easy recipes you’d like to pass along?

This is the roll recipe I used and it turned out great.
This is THE BEST easy homemade dinner rolls recipe, and there's even a video tutorial that walks you through every step of the instructions. You can use this recipe to make bread, cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, and more! It's delicious.
I hope you have a stress free month!


Miracle Month

Could you use a miracle? I could too, but by my estimation it won’t come for another 5 years. So for now I try to make each day a little better than the last.

I bet you are a miracle to someone out there. Just for being you. And I hope you can see many more miracles in your life.

For now enjoy this present. And go ahead and open early, I won’t tell.