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Coming soon…Rapunzel

Exciting news!!! A new Erotic Fairy Tale will be available Sept 1st!

Here’s a sneak peak of the cover:


Our heroine has had a very hard decade in the public eye as the pop-star “Rapunzel”. After a tragic event she is back on the family farm and can barely function with her surroundings. Tex and Austin Berenger’s security firm is hired by her brothers to track down what happened to her and who released private information to the public. They’ve known for sometime how she fits in their life, but with the latest events they aren’t sure if she is ready for mating. Secrets will be exposed and lives changed forever.

I hope you are as thrilled as I am.

*set backs with editing, but I’ll have this by Dec 1st or sooner. 🙂


I’m back!!


It’s 2017 baby. After many sleepless nights I have given into my characters and have agreed to write again. They are just too damn hot.

Look forward to some pleasurable reading.

My nemesis’s name is Donut

I’m trying to eat healthy. (Don’t go and quote Yoda on me.) But my evil boss brought in Krispy Kreme today! I was like…


So I might have cried. Just a little, but then the donut helped me stop. And then I saw this and thought of Heath Ledger and cried some more. “You’re just too good to be true… can’t take my eyes off of you…”

Please someone stop me.

The good news is I’m a 1000 words into a new story! I just haven’t felt good about anything I’ve written lately which is why I’ve been so publishing-shy. This story has my heart all twitterpated. It’s about “The Call” from a distance hottie to his true mate. Have you felt “The Call”?

I can’t wait until I’m done! Have a fabulous weekend and just eat the freaking donut.

Random Pinterest Saturday

Pinterest has made me think I can get organized again. Damn you pinterest! This is my latest project. If I can do it the whole year, I’m going to reward myself by getting a professional cleaning.


BTW, what does “outside of house” mean?
Have an awesome Saturday ya crazy folks!