Red and the Wolf

Karina has just graduated from college and is going home to visit her grandmother. Instead she finds Rolf, a werewolf who says she is his mate. He’s there to complete their mating in the most pleasurable ways possible.

Will she be able to handle everything her wolf mate needs? Or will they be unable to complete the mating in time?

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She felt the hands before she saw them. They were moving up her thigh and felt large and hot. A finger pushed between her folds and started rubbing her aroused clit. She jumped and looked down the bed.

She could see the outline of a huge, broad-shouldered man but she couldn’t make out any other features. It was as if a large light was shining behind the man so she could only see his silhouette. The finger encircled her nub again, and soon she was too consumed to care.

The man’s other hand continued up and settled on one of her breasts. The fingers brushed over her tightened peak. He plucked at her nipple and she gasped. The hand engulfed her large breast and started to caress. His hand between her slit also veered upwards and settled on her other breast. They began a rhythmic massage that was making her crazy.

Her legs came apart as the man settled in-between. She felt something massive push into her pussy and instantly she arched upwards. He slowly filled her more and more as the hands continued to tease her sensitive breasts.

“You’re so tight, it’s killing me,” the man’s rough voice said with a groan.

It’s killing you? This was the best experience of her life, she thought while moaning. It felt like she was going to burst.

The engorged member filled her so completely that she burned inside. She felt the cock withdraw and drive back in forcefully. She clenched her hands into the bed as she came powerfully.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped. She opened her eyes and looked around. People were staring at her. Oh my god, she had just had a sex dream on the airplane!

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