Jake and the Giant and the Beanstalk

JakeandtheGiant7 copy
What is a Giant to do when he’s cursed to live in a beanstalk and his mate is down on Earth? After hundreds of years, Titus the Giant is ready to break the curse that landed him between Heaven and Earth. But first he needs Jake in every way possible.

Jake and the wolf inside have been aching for the man that will finally complete them. Little does he know that his mate has been watching him from far above. After an encounter with a beanstalk he’ll finally gets his chance with his mate.

What will happen though when the curse threatens their happiness?
7,000+ words

keywords: M/M, werewolf, anal sex, oral sex, and watch out for the beanstalk.



Jake woke up with a groan. That was some dream, he thought. If only it had been true. He tried to rub his eyes, but his hand wouldn’t move. His eyes quickly shot open.
He was lying naked and spread eagle in a large bed. Vines were wrapped around his ankles and wrists. He tried pulling on the green limbs, but they wouldn’t budge.
Where the hell was he? The bed was deliciously soft but he couldn’t remain here. His arms pulled at the bindings again. Nothing. He looked around him. The room was spacious and appeared to be carved out of wood. The only furniture was the bed he was lying on. There was also an open window on his right that seemed to have no glass at all.
Should he yell? If anyone was nearby they would surely hear through the open window. But what if his captor heard? He decided to chance it and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Help, I’m in here. Please get help.”
The door on his left immediately opened. A tall muscular man strolled in. Jake was 6 ½ feet tall, but this man had to be a foot taller. He had the blondest hair he had ever seen, almost white. He was wearing only a crimson robe that covered his broad shoulders and came down to his ankles. The man eyed him with a hint of weariness.
Jake started to talk, but stopped. What was that smell? A sweet scent was emanating from the man.
Oh God, it’s his mate. He felt as if every cell in his body was reaching out to this giant of a man. He pulled on the vines to get free and nothing happened. His shifter strength should have allowed him to rip the vines away. He tried again and only caused the vines to tighten around his arms.
The man held up a hand. “Don’t pull too hard, you’ll hurt yourself,” he said with a concerned tone.
“Let me go,” Jake pleaded. He needed to touch his mate now. He needed to get free.
The giant looked straight into Jake’s eyes and said in an aggressive tone, “No! Never!”
What did the man mean? What was going on? “Please”, he pleaded again.
He tried shifting into the wolf, but it was like there was some magical hold on him. His wolf tried to push through too, but to no avail. He finally stopped struggling and just stared at his mate.
“What’s going on?” he said inhaling the sweet scent again.
The giant was quiet for a moment and then spoke as if choosing his words carefully. “You are in my home, and now you are mine.”
“Well why didn’t you just say so? Take me.” He lay back to give the giant a better view of his hard abs, and his growing shaft. “Go ahead and Grind my Bones, Giant.”
He thought he saw a small twitch of a smile before the expression was wiped away, “You need to be prepared for me first.” The man turned his back to him.
Jake tried to reach for him again, but was pulled back by the vines. “Please don’t go. I need to touch you now. If you go it’s going to be painful.”
“As painful as the years I’ve had to watch you from afar without touching?” the man said mysteriously. “I’ll come back when you have been prepared for me.”
“Who are you? Please don’t leave!” he shouted.
He lay back down frustrated that his mate had left him. As soon as the door closed he felt a vine creep across his stomach and wrap around his member. It squeezed. What the hell? He thought.
He felt another enter his ass and he sucked in a breath. It glided in effortlessly with its own lubrication. He groaned as his cock was stroked and another vine pushed in him.

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