Goldi and the Three Bears

What’s three bear-shifter brothers to do when they have find their golden mate? Take her home and let her try them all on for size! Sometimes it’s a little soft, sometimes it’s a little hard, but it always ends up just right.

Missy has finally found her mates. Now she’s going to do everything they say in hopes they will let her stay forever. What will they do when they find out she’s from a family of Wolf shifters?

Come join the fun as the three bears and one lost ‘Goldi’ find happiness in just the right bed.
11,000+ words.

Keywords: menage, shifter, erotic, bbw



He moved closer and gently touched her lips. She felt the mating inside her and kissed him back passionately. She opened her mouth and his tongue captured hers.
He pushed her down until he was lying on top of her. His body was really heavy, but it felt amazing against hers.
His lips moved down her body until he reached her breasts. He captured one extended nipples in his mouth and she moaned. His tongue swept out and then he sucked hard again.
“Your taste drives me crazy. You are simple perfect.”
He moved to the other breast and continued his torture until his head moved down her further. His hands separated her lower folds. He stared at the glistening pussy.
“Ah your sweet cream has been driving me nuts. I have to taste it again.”
His mouth crushed down on her and she arched her back. Her legs automatically widened to allow him better access. As he ravaged her pussy her hands covered her sensitive breasts. She pictured his brothers sucking on her breasts as Adam continued to seduce her.
He lifted his head up and kissed his way back up to her mouth. “Taste how sweet you are.” His mouth delved into hers and she could taste the cream on his lips. “Now it’s time for me to take you.”
He reached down and quickly freed his cock. He positioned himself and pushed a few inches in. He stared down at her. “Look at me Goldi.” She stared into his dark eyes.
“Say my name.” He inched in a bit more.
“Please Adam, Please. I need you Adam,” she cried out and her legs came around his back to drive him further in.
“You’re ours now,” he said as he thrust in all the way. She moaned as his large rod stretched her.
He pulled out and drove back in harder. “You are ours now.” He punctuated again.
“Yes Adam,” she barely breathed out. He felt so good and hot as he drove in and out. Her pussy clinched him as she felt the climax build up.
He captured her mouth just as she was about to scream and her body exploded. Adam exploded with her as her body continued to climax. He let out a loud groan and pulled her in his arms.

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