Wolf Treatment

Dark Portrait Of Scary Man With Evil Eyes
Violet’s energy mating is about to get rough as she meets the Wolf of the family. Will he give her the release her body craves? Or will his roughness turn her away?

keywords: menage, alien mating, werewolf romance, tentacles, erotic romance

AMAZON (Kindle Unlimited)


“Violet,” he says in anguish. He stands up and holds out his arms. “Touch me Violet!”

She reaches for him and he breathes a sigh of relief. He wraps his arms around her and lifts her against him. “The only time I’m myself is when I’m in your arms.”

“That’s no way to think,” she says softly.

“It’s true,” he mumbles.

She looks up into his eyes and says passionately, “You are always you. The wolf is you!”

“No, I’m logical and intelligent! The wolf is irrational and emotional,” he says with an angry tone.

She stares into his eyes a moment. “Show me your yellow eyes, Wolfe.”

He looks shocked by her request. “No.”

“I want the Wolf! Show me the wolf,” she commands.

She sees his eyes flash yellow and his teeth lengthen. His hold on her tightens and he growls, “You want the wolf?”

“Yes, I want all of you,” she encourages.

He pushes her roughly against the wall and rips off the towel. He reaches down with one hand to free his lengthening member from his pants.

“You’ll get it then!” He positions himself and drives into her forcefully. They both groan in unison.

He holds her against the wall as he continues to thrust into her over and over again. She moans.

“This is the wolf, Violet.”

“No, this is you! All of you…inside me. It feels SO good.”

He speeds up and slams in harder until they both explode.

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