Dr. Octo’s Examination

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Violet’s sexual treatments continue with the “out of this world” Doctors. Her lustful dreams have become too much. The heat is back and she’s burning for some release. She needs help from the doctors right away! And Doctor Octo has a few extra pieces to make her treatment better than ever.

AMAZON (Kindle Unlimited)


Violet shivers and slips her hands up his large chest. “Are you here to seduce me Sir?” He is 6 feet 8 inches of pure male with eight extra limbs that come out when he is passionate.
Lukas grabs her more tightly and she moves directly in contact with his most dominant limb. “My dear I can’t wait any longer. I need you right now.”
“Do you see anyone complaining?”
She feels him enter her as several other limbs crawl up her back and come around. They grab onto her breasts, slowly kneading and sucking at the same time. Something else joins between her slit below and starts sucking on her already sensitive nub.
Violet gasps and holds on to his back. Lukas lifts her up and presses her against the shower wall. “Lukas you drive me mad,” she barely whispers.
His lips come down on hers as the suctions all over her body cause her to whimper. She continues to spiral higher and higher as Lukas starts pumping in and out faster. It’s too much and she screams into his mouth as she comes hard.

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