Devil Treatment

Young Indian angry man sweating over dark

Cole, now known as Devil, has no use for the energy mating, but after Violet is hurt he is called in to use his Doctor’s skills to heal her. Once they touch the mating heat begins and now he has no choice.

Violet’s first introduction with the Devil of the family goes poorly when she screams in horror at the sight of him. Can she repair the rift between them, or will they be unable to complete the mating?

keywords: menage, alien mating, MFMMMM

AMAZON (Kindle Unlimited)

Adult Excerpt:

He stops short. A goddess is lying in the bed. His heart immediately speeds up and he’s having a difficult time breathing. A simple sheet covers her lower body and her hair is spread out behind her. His glance at her naked chest makes him instantly hard. Oh Gods how was he going to do this?

He looks back to see if Troy or Hunter will help him, but they have left. He’s alone with the goddess. Get with it Cole he tells himself.

His years of training kick in and he quickly goes to Violet’s side. He reaches out slowly for her wrist and lays two fingers on the soft skin. Heat immediately rushes through him….

Concentrating on her heartbeat he is relieved to feel that it is normal. His hands gently touch her head and he feels no sign of injury. Only luscious brown hair surrounding the sweetest face.

He studies her for a moment unable to turn away. Her lashes are dark and long and her lips are so full, so perfect for kissing. His hand brushes over them before he pulls back. She appears to be completely healed from whatever injuries had occurred during the fall.

Taking a quick breath he glances down her body. His eyes linger too long on her deliciously large breasts. He shakes himself and rapidly moves down.

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