Alien Examination

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Violet needs help when every man around here starts to make her horny. She sets up an appointment with a doctor’s office that specializes in sexual problems. Little does she know but these doctors aren’t exactly from around here. And their sexual healing is out of this world.

AMAZON (Kindle Unlimited)


As she places her feet in the stirrups she realizes she is completely exposed now.
He slowly places one finger in her pussy and places the other hand on her stomach. Just his one finger feels massive and really good. She starts to wiggle on his finger.
“Please hold still.  You definitely have enough lubricant down here.  That’s very good.  How does that feel?” he asks as he slides his finger in and out.
“Okay,” she says.
He then inserts two fingers and starts moving them.
“How does that feel?”
He finally inserts four of his massive fingers and she feels stuffed.
“That feels amazing,” she says.
His thumb then starts massaging her clit.  And she feels the orgasm build up when he suddenly removes his hands.
“No!” she cries out.
“Don’t worry.  I know we need to relieve pressure.  I can help out or we have a machine in another room that can automatically do this.  What would you feel more comfortable with?”
She thinks about this.  Could a machine really bring her the type of climax she was about to get with this hulking man? Her decision is easy and she says, “Well I’d rather you do it than a machine.”


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