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I’ve been reading erotic romance for years. I believe my first “adultish” romance novel was “Jewels” by Danielle Steel. Now that is an epic story that kept me reading the long long long book. (At least it felt that way back then) The romance was set over decades and I can still recall at the end of WWII when you find out that William…. well I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I loved every little bit.

I can’t recall what the first really erotic book I read was, but the first one I bought was “Menagerie” by Lara Santiago. 1 girl, 5 guys? Yes please! The sci-fi plus the erotic love story was so perfect. And my obsession with erotic romance began.

I started penning my own stories as a way to tell the stories that were pounding through my head. I am constantly thinking of new erotic stories and I just can’t seem to type fast enough.  I love writing a big alpha man who worships his mate. The hotter, the better as long as it has the Happily Ever After ending.

In my spare time I look for cowboys who look exactly like Joe Manganiello and drink diet coke. My diet coke obsession is probably my most dedicated hobby, but Joe baby you are a close second! 😉

I love hearing from all of you! Thanks for all your comments!


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