I’m going on my last business trip of the year. Hallelujah!! One little tidbit about me and I’m hoping I’m not the only crazy one like this. If I don’t unpack the day I get home it will take weeks. Weeks and weeks. Usually I unpack around the time I’m packing for my next trip… I’m that bad. Does that mean I’ll get coal in my stocking? Could it be a sexy werewolf named Cole?? Pretty please Santa baby.

Tidbit number 2 is I’m going to see Star Wars next week with my Ex. We are still good friends but nothing else really… I pinky swear. Maybe. Anyways most of my friends are seeing it this week while I’m in Siberia (not really but the place I’m going got a foot of snow today, I mean really). So I’m warning everyone if they tell me anything they will be off my Christmas list. Seriously…

Just sayin’. 🙂

Loves and kisses you crazy kids,



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