Monthly Archives: November 2015


I’m going to see the last movie in the Hunger Games franchise tonight. I can’t wait! I’m a die hard fan of these books, although the ending was so hard to read. Maybe, perhaps, they’ll change it for the movie? Like “you know who” and the other “you know who” won’t die??

In honor of this momentous occasion I found some funny hunger games memes online at clipd:



I hope you have a wonderful week and build a snowman if you can. Although if you are with some hottie just stay inside. There are much better games to play… 🙂



Energy Mating now available on KU!

I’m not sure why but I went all crazy yesterday and moved all my Energy Mating books to Kindle Unlimited. I love those books and I’m hoping it will get a wider readership if offered with that membership.

I hope you November is going amazing!
Loves and kisses and a honka honka.

PS. Please forgive the honkas.