Monday Men – Working out

Joe’s back! He’s been gone for over a week battling a war against the evils that attack our cyber community. Or something like that.  Maybe he really is saving the world, but I think he’s just doing computer stuff. One things for sure, he’s the hottest geek out there. Ooh la la.

He said the hotel he stayed in has the most amazing gym. So I asked if he took a picture and he looked at me like, “why would I do that?” Guys…. do they not understand their girlfriends have blogs where they like to post random pictures?!? He didn’t even take one picture of the food! What the hell?!?

Since he didn’t bring back any pictures I guess I’ll just have to find some of my own men working out. I hope you enjoy too! 🙂

Handsome athletic man pumping up muscles with dumbbells

Very well built sexy male model showing his abs in fashionable a

Sexy portrait of a very muscular shirtless male model against wh

Muscular back of young bodybuilder training in dark background

Muscular Bodybuilder Guy Doing Exercises With Dumbbells Over Bla

Happy Monday!


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