Broken promises make me whiny… just sayin’

Unhappy Man And Angry Woman Leaving After Quarrel

People should keep promises, right? Well sometimes life interferes and that makes me whiny. It’s not a pleasant sight… believe me. Unless you have diet coke and a new episode of “The Bachelor” you should probably back away for your own safety. Sometimes being an adult sucks. (Name this show….” Monica: Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!”)

Here’s how the whiny Anya came out…

Me: But you said…
Joe: I know but…
Me in whiny voice: But you promised!
Joe: Yes, but that was before Voldemort attacked and now I have to save Hogwarts. (or something equally important… I guess I wasn’t listening at this point)
Me: Fine, but you’d better bring me back some toffee. (true statement)
Joe: Now you can get some of that writing done you’ve been wanting to do.
Me: Shut up. (Which Joe knows to mean “I hate it when you’re right.”)

So here I sit trying to write and not think about the 236 episodes of Friends just waiting to be watched on Netflix. (Top Friends quotes to come in future blog although I already said one of my favorites up above.)

Anyway, how is your week going? What are you putting off?


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