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Paranormal Desires Bundle

Exciting news! Paranormal Desires Bundle is now available!

I’ve teamed up with awesome paranormal erotic authors to publish a bundle of stories available for .99 cents! This contains my story “Red and the Wolf” with 2,000 additional words! Here’s a description:

Six sizzling hot paranormal stories.

Red and the Wolf by Anya Kelly – A trip to visit her grandmother doesn’t turn out the way Karina expected when she finds a big man with hungry eyes waiting for her.

Ghost of Magic by Don Draco – A ghost appears and changes a man’s life in ways that will have magical consequences for everyone involved.

Ravaged by the Pack by Ellen Waite – There’s something special about college drop-out Jenna that two alpha werewolves seek, and they’ll do anything to claim her… as a mate.

Seduced by the Dragon by Jacqueline Sweet – A dragon hunter finds herself enthralled by the dragon that haunts her dreams.

Claimed by the Alpha and the Vampire by Cecilia Hunter – Ivy finds herself lost as she tries to untangle the web both men have created for her in their lives.

The No Panties Day by Devon March – A spell has fallen over Pleasant Valley, lowering inhibitions and dropping panties all over town.

Disclaimer: This is a collection of stories by six authors of paranormal romance. Many of the stories contained herein are merely the first in a series. This bundle is not recommended for readers with an aversion to serialized fiction, cliffhangers or graphic depictions of sex. The stories contain explicit sexual content which is not recommended for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

The Bundle will only be available for a short time so get your copy now! Currently it is available at (I’ll update as I get new links):



My poor blog and tasty treat

Sometimes my poor blog whispers to me at night saying… why have you neglected me? Am I not important to you anymore? Why does Twitter get all the attention?

And I respond by shouting at the imaginary voices to go away. Then ‘Joe’ wakes up and asks, “Your blog again?” And I sheepishly respond, “Yes.” He then rolls over and promptly goes back to bed, while I try to quiet the voices.

Well here I am… updating you. Are you happy now? Oops… I sound kind of crazy.

Anyway, here’s some tasty treats.

sexy black and white torso

Atheletic African American Man Topless

PS. Exciting news coming this weekend!
PSS. Don’t ya hate it when people tease like that?