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My latest Netflix addiction – The Fall

The Fall

Do you find yourself pulled into shows you’ve never heard of because of Netflix? I do and it’s a horrible no good addiction that I absolutely won’t be stopping anytime soon. My latest weakness is a drama/mystery/horror called “The Fall” starring X-Files Gillian Anderson as a Police Detective and the hot 50 Shades of Grey Jamie Dornan as a serial killer.

This show is not for the faint of heart, but it’s one that you’ll think about later. Oh, and you might need to watch an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” afterwards if you want to get to sleep. Maybe that’s just me.

There are only 5 episodes, but the second season will be here soon. Hopefully! Season 1 ends like a lot of BBC series… with more mysteries.

What shows have you been pulled into lately?


Tasty Tuesday – Couples Edition

In my perusing of stock photos I came across some HOT couples I couldn’t resist for this weeks Tasty Tuesday. Those are some lucky gals!

Passionate young couple kissing on four-poster bed outdoors

Copile At Maldives

Young Couple Naked Man And Woman Sleeping In Bed

Happy Tuesday!

Pinterest – HOT Inspiration – Adults Only!

Warning: All boards mentioned below are adult only. And you my want to have some ice tea nearby cause these are HOT.

I’m constantly looking for inspiration for my writing. And I’m a very visual person so you’ll often find perusing hot pinterest boards like Lori Foster’s. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about her Man Candy:

Not to mention her Risque (Warning: Hot, Hot, Hot):

I just had to share some new ones I came across:

Let’s make Love:


Sensual Moments:

Have fun!

Keeping the Romance Alive…

Vacation couple walking on beach together in love holding around

Sometimes relationships just take a little work. Okay, to be totally honest, they take A LOT of work. ‘Joe’ and I have known each other for about 3 years now and have been “serious” for 4 months. (Although there is an argument about that… but I’m sure you all would agree that I’m right.) 🙂

We’ve gotten to that point in the relationship where I can wear my old yoga pants and he can…never mind, I won’t go into that. 😉 But lately I feel like we’ve gotten into a routine, so I found this article on 11 ways to keep your romance alive. (BTW, the article says 14 ways, but it only lists 11…oops) What do you think?

  1. Send Flowers – for no reason at all
  2. Cook Dinner Together
  3. Plan a weekend getaway
  4. Send an unexpected text
  5. Have a movie night at home
  6. Take a Class together
  7. Plan a lazy Saturday to stay in bed
  8. Get dressed up
  9. Go for a Sunday drive
  10. Enjoy the great outdoors
  11. Plan a relaxing night at home

I’m doing #8 tonight and hopefully that leads to #7. My yoga pants will be there tomorrow, but for tonight it’s a little purple dress and high heels.