Tasty Tuesday Treat and Genie Teaser

With the holiday yesterday I completely forgot about my Tuesday treat. How could I? To make it up here’s the latest cover on my novella with a teaser:



He was free, well as free as an unmated djinn could be. The women he was pulled to were all worthy of his help. Their mates had to be just as worthy and what he had seen of these men’s hearts had made the final decision for him. These four should be together.

Gene eyed the sweet morsel as she went through boxes. The items had belonged to another of his lovely woman. It had to be over 70 years ago, and that woman was gone now along with her mates. And her great-niece was just as beautiful. He was grateful for the power he controlled to help these mates, but another side of him longed to possess a woman such as this. He felt himself get hard as he studied her curves. Gene’s mouth longed to taste her nipples as his finger stroked her sensitive core.

His hands clinched as he tried to focus on something else. Appearing to a mortal always got him excited, now how should he appear to this lovely one? He flipped through the different outfits in his mind and then smiled. Yes, this woman had been without a man way too long and deserved to look at a well-developed man like him. Naked it was.



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