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Inspiration Secret – Tasty Tuesday Treat

Inspiration for my writing comes from all directions. A song on the radio, a comment overheard at the coffee shop, a story on the news…

I have a secret inspiration though when I’m needing some sexy motivation. And that’s where Lori Foster’s Pinterest page comes in to play. If you don’t follow her you are missing out!! My favorite page is:

Are you swooning yet? 🙂 Have fun with my secret inspiration and today’s Tuesday Treat.



Tasty Tuesday Treat – dark angel?

There’s an expression that says a picture’s worth a thousand words. I couldn’t agree more. Pictures also can be interpreted a thousand different ways. So when I look at this picture I think of a sexy fallen angel. A little bad boy in him. What do you think of?
Handsome Man Posing

Happy Tuesday!

Ways to win an Argument with a Woman

In honor of the stupidest fight known to man that I’m having with my hot tamale “Joe”, I’m revealing the secret to winning an argument with a woman:


Any questions? 🙂

Tasty Tuesday Treat

Are you in the mood for a present?
Portrait of a handsome muscular young man holding a present.

Well come over here then baby…Handsome nude man lying in a bed. Isolated over white.

I just can’t stop looking into this guy’s eyes. Isn’t he hot? I’m busy writing and I hope you are having an awesome day too.

Happy Tuesday!