Grease 2 – Cool Rider

Last week I mentioned a song from Grease, Summer Nights. Did you know there was a Grease 2? Yeah it shocked me too! 😮 And it has Michelle Pfeiffer in it!

Some of the songs had me rolling on the floor. First off there’s a song called “Do it for our country” where a guy tries to talk a girl into sex by saying he could be going off to war any day, so Uncle Sam would approve.

Then there’s a song called “Reproduction” where the poor science teacher, Mr Stuart, is trying to explain the reproductive process to a bunch of teenagers who really look 22.

But the winner in my book is Michelle Pfeiffer singing about how she wants a “cool rider”. Oh the places I could go with this song. It definitely made me want to ride something.

Seriously though I might practice straddling a ladder just like Michelle. So if you are in the mood for a hilarious musical this is one to watch.



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