Tricked into Camping

I’m not one of those people that pop up and says “Let’s go camping today!” I would probably check my temperature and then go back to bed. But I have a very good friend who’s so hot that I keep saying yes without really hearing the question. I’ll call him Joe since ya know my obsession with Joe Manganiello… who by the way seems to be dating Sofia Vergara and is now the hottest couple known to man. I really think their couple name should be So-Joe.

Here’s our conversation:

Joe: This would be a great weekend to go camping.
Me: Mmm-hmm (staring at his lips and wondering how they could be so perfect)
Joe: So you think it would be a good idea?
Me: (nods head and wonders how long it would take to unbutton that shirt)
Joe: Great I’ll set it up.
Me: Set it up?
Joe: (stares at me and wonders how much I heard, but doesn’t care because I just agreed to go camping)

So I wasn’t exactly tricked into going camping, but I think I would have a case if a jury took a look at Joe. Being the great girl I am I reluctantly packed and we were on the road to who knows where Friday night.Now camping means different things to different people so just to let you know we were not one of those people with the massive RV’s which hold all the luxuries from home. No, we are the tent and bug spray campers, although Joe did have a nice blow up bed thingy. (blow… hehe)

The whole weekend wasn’t that bad, except for Joe now knows what my hair looks like after 48 hours of massive humidity and no straightener. And I now know that Joe looks perfect everywhere… sigh.

I’m finally back to society and trying to listen better. I may have kissed my laptop as soon as I got home. I hope your weekend was just as awesome!

Back to writing,

PS. I’m going to try to be really good in this life so I can come back as a hot latina dating a werewolf.
PSS. Is it politically correct to say “Latina”?
PSSS. Anybody have a massive RV and care to be friends?


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