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Tasty Tuesday Treat – Miner Edition

I don’t have any plans to write a book about a sizzling hot miner, but this picture might change my mind. Maybe he’s an archaeologist?  What other professions could you see with this sexy guy?

Muscular Man Holding Oil Lamp

Happy Tuesday!


Grease 2 – Cool Rider

Last week I mentioned a song from Grease, Summer Nights. Did you know there was a Grease 2? Yeah it shocked me too! 😮 And it has Michelle Pfeiffer in it!

Some of the songs had me rolling on the floor. First off there’s a song called “Do it for our country” where a guy tries to talk a girl into sex by saying he could be going off to war any day, so Uncle Sam would approve.

Then there’s a song called “Reproduction” where the poor science teacher, Mr Stuart, is trying to explain the reproductive process to a bunch of teenagers who really look 22.

But the winner in my book is Michelle Pfeiffer singing about how she wants a “cool rider”. Oh the places I could go with this song. It definitely made me want to ride something.

Seriously though I might practice straddling a ladder just like Michelle. So if you are in the mood for a hilarious musical this is one to watch.


Summer Nights and Tasty Tuesday Treat – Adult

It’s almost the end of August! Aaah! How did this happen? My days have been busy, but oh-oh those summer nights…

Sometimes I like to break into song in the middle of my sentences. That’s normal, right? And Grease…. somehow I thought high school would be exactly like that, but every time I tried to sing during lunch I would be shushed. 😉 I’m sure it had nothing to do with my voice.

Well as you can tell from this post I’m high on Summer Nights and maybe a little alcohol. Before I forget here’s your tasty tuesday treat.

Erotic portrait of a muscular nude man in industrial garage sett

Summer Lovin’ with this boy would be oh so sweet…

Writers Need Their Inspiration – The Levy Edition

Every once in awhile I need a little inspiration for my writing. William Levy never disappoints me on this. Here are a few of his recent tweets:

Can we say delicious? And thus ends The Levy Edition of “Writers Need Their Inspiration”.