Success and Failure

My goal was to publish 3 short stories this month and I’ve utterly failed. I have one written, and it’s not ready for publishing. But…

I did successfully complete my first Camp NaNoWriMo! I wrote the first draft of “The Vampire’s Prey.” My first full length novel involves a royal lycan and her sexy vampire mate.

What I learned from this month is:
1. Novels are hard to write
2. Writing is hard to write
3. I should own stock in Coca-cola.
4. Don’t commit to a publish date unless you have completed the first draft.
5. If I type too much my fingers don’t like me.
6. Joe Manganiello is hot
7. I already new number 6 and 3.
8. I have the best readers in the world! Thanks for putting up with my crazy antics.

Also, I was going through a “About Me” crisis and updated the whole “About” page. Do I sound as weird as I think I do? 🙂



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