Writing through your moods

 Picturesque landscape. Young man near lake

Writing can be bipolar, because at times you have to force emotions on to paper that are nowhere near what you are feeling at that moment. Like having to write a happy scene when you are crying inside. Or a heart-breaking scene when all you want to do is go outside and bask in the sunlight… well that can be a little crazy.

I recently read a message board where people were giving suggestions on how to write when you are depressed. Some of the suggestions were to take it one word at a time. Another suggested going for a walk, while another suggested eating chocolate. (Yummy.)

Using these times I feel like is the most important for a writer. When you are exceedingly happy write it down, how it makes you feel, what you are smelling, what your face feels like as that smile spreads. How your toes feel running through the sand on the beach. Write every sense.

The same with depression. Write how your eyes just want to close and breathing is hard because it is so tiring. Write how your fingers just want to break something or how your heart beats slower. Write how how many breaths you count as you stare into a corner and how typing just doesn’t seem to be worth it. Write about how the smell of coffee lightens your mood for a split second before you remember how you have to get up to get a cup.

I don’t care if you write ‘stupid’ 500 times and then go back to bed. Sometimes getting those feelings out on paper helps just a little bit. Like when you are angry and you would give anything for 5 minutes with your boss and some boxing gloves that fit just right. Write it down.

These emotions are so human and so beautiful. Write what you feel when you feel it. Sometimes you have to be a bipolar writer, other times you can freely infuse the world with the feelings that are running through your body. Don’t be afraid to hold back. And remember every day has a chance to be what you make of it.



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