Next Book – you decide!

Jake from “Jake and the Giant and the Beanstalk” is one of my favorite characters. I’ve been contemplating what happened to the Beanstalk and I’ve decided to write a few short stories involving his pool house and their guests. Jake and his handsome hubby Titus will play minor characters, as their guests find true love…

I can’t decide which one to start first…. so you are going to decide! All books will come out in July!

Here’s the choices:

His Assistant – M/M – assistant is in love with his boss. But until a trip to Jake’s guest house and a little help from a beanstalk do they find true love.

The Billionaire – M/F – the billionaire can’t get his ex out of his mind. He’s a ‘love them and leave them’ type, and after their month was up he left. What happens when she shows up and a beanstalk gets involved?

Their Secretary – MFM – The two men have been vying for their secretary’s attention, but she doesn’t seem to notice. When they get to Jake’s guest house and a beanstalk gets involved all their dreams  come true.
thesecretary copy

As you can tell all involve some help from my newest matchmaker…. the beanstalk.

You decide! Which do you want first?


PS. I’m leaving on a cruise tomorrow! Wohoo. So I’ll be out of blogisphere for a week, but keep your votes coming!
PSS. Please don’t rob my house.
PSSS. If you do rob my house, please take the red lazy boy chair.


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