Twin Treatment

Twin Treatment, the final book in the energy mating serial is sitting “In Review” on amazon. I’m hoping it will be up any minute now!

Young Indian angry man sweating over dark

Here’s a scene between Alex and Violet…

She reaches out and lightly touches his fingers. His hand enfolds hers immediately as if it’s a lifeline. Leading him over to the bed she tries to breathe normally. The touch is warming her and she feels her nipples tighten. They sit down and Alex doesn’t move. Taking the hand that is gripping her she leads it up to her face.

His fingers gently move over her cheeks and down her nose. His thumb sweeps over her mouth and feeling bold she sneaks her tongue out and licks it. His hand jumps back and then he smiles.

Taking both hands he lightly touches her jaw all the way back to her ear. She’s having a hard time breathing normally as fingers lightly move down her neck. The collar of her shirt gets in the way of where she really wants him to go, and his hands stop at the feel of the material.

“You can touch more if you’d like,” she says hoping for a lot more.

Alex’s hands move down her shoulders to her back. She lifts her arms to place around his neck and to bring him closer. His hands came up her stomach and reach the bottom of her breasts.

She pushes them out and his hands move up until they are cupping her. Thumbs brush over her nipples and she moans. His hands stop and then his thumbs once again brush over the sensitive tips sending shivers all the way down her body.

Needing his hands closer she whispers, “Alex do you mind if I remove my shirt, that way you can feel a little better?”

He nods and his hands come off. She quickly unbuttons the shirt and reaches for his hands. They caress her bare breasts so gently that she can’t help another moan that slips through.

“You’re so soft Violet.”

She needs so much more. Every touch is sending jolts down her body and she is so wet. “How about that kiss now?” she asks.

I have so much more I wanted to write in this serial of stories, so maybe I will add a free Epilogue or extra scenes or something on my blog. What do you think?


Update: Now available on AMAZON.


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