Beauty and the Wolf out now plus New Excerpt

I’m so excited for the release of Beauty and the Wolf. Currently it’s only published to Amazon, but I’ll post more links as I have them. For some reason Draft2Digital is taking extra long to publish! But I’ll figure it out. 🙂


Adult Excerpt:

He threw her on to the bed and stared at her hungrily as he started ripping his clothes off.

“If you want to save your clothes they need to be off within 10 seconds,” he barked out.

She tried to unbutton her top but her hands were shaking. She couldn’t go any further as she sees him completely naked for the first time. He’s magnificent. His shoulders were so broad and he looked at her like he wanted to possess her.

She quickly looked down, but that only caused her to see his massive erection. She couldn’t take her eyes off it and she felt herself get wet. She heard a growl and looked up.

“I smell you,” he said roughly. His eyes seem even more heated as he crawled on the bed.  He reached her skirt first and she heard it rip.

She quickly took off her shirt and bra before he could rip those off too. She started to take off her matching bottoms but she heard, “Let me.”

His hand reached under the elastic and slowly brought them down her legs. When they were completely off he brought them up to his nose and sniffed. “So sweet,” he moaned.

He threw them over his shoulder and slowly brought his hands back up. His body wedged between hers as he slid up.  His face stopped at her core and he inhaled sharply. “I can’t forget how you taste. It’s my fantasy and nightmare wrapped into one.”

He took one finger and pushed it through her sensitive folds. She jerked as it lightly touches her wet core. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked. She saw his eyes flash yellow again.



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