Dream the Impossible Dream

I came across a quote today that I’m putting on my wall.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

After I read that I decided to push myself to release the book “Beauty and the Wolf” a week ahead of my schedule. I’ve had lots of great comments on my Erotic Fairy Tales, and I want to keep up the momentum.

Here’s an ADULT sneak peek:

Her hand reached out tentatively as the wolf watched her with clear yellow eyes.

She lightly touched the side of the big wolf face and it automatically curved toward her touch. She grew bolder and took both hands and ran them through the soft fur down the wolf’s back. He seemed to shudder at her touch.

She felt his back stretching as he slowly shifted and she found herself touching the large back of a half man/wolf. The fur was shorter but just as soft.

She heard him groan as she continued to pet him even after he had completely shifted. He stood up and turned around abruptly grabbing her hands. He looked down at her with yellow eyes still peeking through. The hands went around and pulled her closer to him.

She felt his lower anatomy growing larger at their closeness. He swore and pushed her away as he turned his back to her once again.


PS. My goal this month is to sell 10 books a day. To put that into perspective I sold a total of 87 books last month, which is 2.8 books a day. Am I dreaming the impossible dream by setting a goal way to high to achieve? I guess we’ll wait and see.
PS to the 2nd. I’m planning on publishing 5 new short stories too. Book Number 1 was Jake and the Giant so 4 more to go. 🙂


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