The evolution of a Book Cover – Beauty and the Beast edition

Creating a book cover for each of my stories is one of my favorite parts! Just like writing, it sometimes is an easy process and everything just flows. Other times it takes days of finding the right pictures, editing, and then starting over completely.

Beauty and the Wolf, the 4th book in my Erotic Fairy Tales (coming out June 15th!), is one of those covers that had many revisions.

Let me take you through my process. I had already created Jake and The Giant’s cover (coming out Jun 1st!):
JakeandtheGiant2 copy

Since Caleb (“The Beast aka Wolf”) is Jake’s twin I thought I would start with the same model/picture. I also wanted “Beauty” to be depicted as a contrast, a softer element.

Here’s the first picture I created for the cover:
Portrait of a muscular masculine man in outdoor setting with sty

Beauty is an actress so of course she has to be gorgeous. This seemed like a weird fit. Why was Beauty wearing lingerie in the forest? So I scratched this one.

Next I tried a “Beauty” that was already set in the forest (Remember these were very early editions, feel free to judge):
beautyandthebeast2 copy

This made me gag. What was I thinking? I’m definitely using that girl in a future cover by the way. The picture is gorgeous… well it’s gorgeous when I don’t crop it like a mad woman.

Next I tried a nymph peeking behind the tree look:
beautyandthebeast3 copy

It’s like Where’s Waldo. You can barely see Beauty in this one.  By now I was so tired of working with the same picture that I scratched it altogether. He’s still hunky, but I just couldn’t make it work.

So I moved on to Beauty being the focus (at least her legs) with the Beast barely shining through:
beautyandthebeast5 copy

This was a little creepy for me. I didn’t want the story to seem too Horror,  but at least the Wolf and Title were finally added.

After leaving the project many times, I finally found the right pictures! It showed the buff Beast’s chest and a very glamorous actress “Beauty”. I merged them together and viola. Now I’m trying to decide whether to have a forest in the background or not:

Cover with forest:
beautyandthebeast6 copy

Cover without forest:
beautyandthebeast7 copy

What do you guys think? Forest or No? Did the cover turn out okay, or should I go back to the drawing board?


PS. Here’s the original pictures before I merged them together:
Hair. Beautiful Sexy Brunette Woman. Healthy Long Brown Hair. Be
Muscular man

The shading and angles of the models worked out perfectly in my opinion.


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