The dreaded “Adult” label on Amazon

As I was going through yesterday getting the 4th book ready for publishing something unexpected happened. I was searching for the three previous books on amazon and nothing came up. So I’m frantically going through kdp to see if my books are still available. They are still there, so what is happening?

I did a few searches on the kboards and in one of the posts the user said to search for my name under I did this and guess what? My books have been given the “ADULT’ label under amazon. So I spent the rest of yesterday changing the titles and covers to hopefully comply with Amazon’s policy. I honestly like the old covers better, but here’s an example of one of the new ones:




What do you think? Also, I changed all descriptions to hopefully remove red flags. And the second book’s title has been changed to Dr, Octo’s Examination rather than Tentacle Examination. I guess the word tentacle is one of those red flags. If you want more information on the adult label on amazon I found another useful site was Selena Kitt’s post.


UPDATE 05/22/2014:
Amazon approved my changes and the adult label has been removed!


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