Business Trip – Don’t judge.

I’m leaving on a business trip tomorrow. I’ll be in training for 4 days. (Yawn) I’m already tired just thinking about it. Plus, I’m not sure yet how this will affect my writing schedule. I’m hoping it’s only going to help!

Although… what if I’m sitting next to a curious person who wants to read what I’m typing? They’re in for a big surprise! Honestly it would crack me up though. I don’t mind sharing what I write, just don’t judge. Ah right? Ah right.

I do think you should totally judge a book by it’s cover though.
Which is why I’m sharing my latest…

Red and the Wolf


This is a steamy version of Little Red Riding Hood. And let me just tell you that not so little Red will be doing some riding. haha. I seriously crack myself up! Oh… I’m not funny? Well-well you’re not funny!

Okay, I need some sleep…

PS. Please forgive my humor.
PSS. Is it effect or affect in the first paragraph?



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