No Diet Coke = No writing

I might actually get some sleep tonight. I have a million things I want to write, but something drastic, horrible, earth-shattering happened. I ran out of Diet Coke! That beautiful caffeinated drink of the Gods is an integral part of my writing process…. because… because it’s diet coke! (can I get a hell yeah!)

On a good note… fabulous awesome news. The 3rd book in the Energy Mating series will be on amazon tomorrow. And drum roll… here’s the amazing cover:

Wet Abdomen Of A Nude Young Woman

As I wrote this book it went a direction I never intended. And wow oh wow. It was an emotional roller coaster.

Sneak Peek:

Hunter picks up a piece of the fruit and settles it against her lips. Her tongue comes out and pulls the fruit into her mouth. Both men stare at her mesmerized.

Hunter quickly picks up another piece and brings it to her mouth. She parts her lips and this time Hunter lays the fruit on her tongue. She closes her mouth and licks his finger at the same time.

Both men groan as if in pain.

I know you guys will love it!



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