Third person – present tense

For some reason I naturally write 3rd person in present tense. I never realized how odd this was until I started reading a lot of current books. Mostly 3rd person is written in past tense. I’m trying to decide if I should try my hand at this as well. I’ve been told it flows better for the reader. 

For example “He slides his hand down her back” is present tense. “He slid his hands down her back” would be past tense. 

I’m still debating. I think I’ll keep the third-present going with this series, but I might change over for my erotic fairy tales.

Well, enough of that boring writer junk.

Exciting news!! Double Examination is almost done. I’m over the moon and through the stars to release this one. It’s a little darker with Doctor Brock Hardings struggling with his reaction during Violet’s treatment. It will be available by tomorrow on amazon!!

Here are the 1st two in the Energy Mating series, for those who haven’t checked them out:

Book 1 – Alien Examination –
Book 2 – Tentacle Examintion –
Book 3 – Double Examination – coming soon!

I absolutely love love this series. I’m considering bundling the first three before I release the last three. What do you think?



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