The slow death of the paperback

Trouble, oh we got trouble, 
Right here in River City! 

The paperback book is slowly dying.  It’s being replaced by eBooks.  For obvious reason, eBooks are much more accessible and almost the same price as a paperback book.  I can read an ebook on my iphone then switch to my kindle and then pull up the same book on my laptop.  I literally carry around hundreds of books in my pocket.  So why do I buy paperback books?  Two reasons.  

1. To loan to others.  With digital books you can usually only loan out once.  Which is preposterous.  So in order to loan to more people I will buy the hard copy.  

2. After being on a computer all day at my job, it’s nice to sit down to something that is not a screen.  

So how can we save the paperback?  It’s quite simple.  The plan is already in place with movies.  Digital Copies with paperback books.  I buy 1-2 dvds a month.  I now buy only the dvd’s that come with a digital copy.  It’s a few bucks more, but again I can take it with me anywhere.  And I can also watch the real dvd and loan it out to others.

As soon as publishers start offering a digital copy of the book with their paperback/hardback copies, sales will skyrocket!  They can even charge 3.00-5.00 dollars more, and the readers will pay it.

That’s a guarantee from Harold Hill just for you River City.



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