Writer begins a journey…

I had a really good friend who just called me up and said that she’s getting published. Here’s our conversation:

My friend (aka lucky bastard): “You’ll never believe what happened!”
Me: “You got run over by a truck?”
LB: “Haha.  You’re so funny.  My agent says blah blah is interested in my book.”
Me: “Oh my gosh!  That’s amazing.” bitch
LB: “What was that?”
Me: “Nothing.”
LB: “Okay well let’s do lunch.”
Me: “Of Course… b-bye.”

I then proceeded to throw my phone against the wall. I really should have gotten a cover for that thing. Yes, I know that I’m just a jealous 2-year-old. But I’m the one who got her interested in writing for goodness sakes. Of course, I’ve been too embarrassed to publish my work, because I like to write Erotica and she writes…. teen drama meets Twilight meets There’s really no sex in this whole book??

So I decided it was time to put my dream men out there for all the world to read. And believe me… my alpha men can stomp those sissy teen boys any day, I don’t care if they are aliens who look like vampires who became wolves. Hmm… Maybe I should write something like that. I do love a good probe now and again.




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