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Third person – present tense

For some reason I naturally write 3rd person in present tense. I never realized how odd this was until I started reading a lot of current books. Mostly 3rd person is written in past tense. I’m trying to decide if I should try my hand at this as well. I’ve been told it flows better for the reader. 

For example “He slides his hand down her back” is present tense. “He slid his hands down her back” would be past tense. 

I’m still debating. I think I’ll keep the third-present going with this series, but I might change over for my erotic fairy tales.

Well, enough of that boring writer junk.

Exciting news!! Double Examination is almost done. I’m over the moon and through the stars to release this one. It’s a little darker with Doctor Brock Hardings struggling with his reaction during Violet’s treatment. It will be available by tomorrow on amazon!!

Here are the 1st two in the Energy Mating series, for those who haven’t checked them out:

Book 1 – Alien Examination –
Book 2 – Tentacle Examintion –
Book 3 – Double Examination – coming soon!

I absolutely love love this series. I’m considering bundling the first three before I release the last three. What do you think?



Second book published!

Tentacle Examination has officially been published on  And this one is even hotter than the last. Oh baby. Here’s a sample:

Violet shivers and slips her hands up his large chest. “Are you here to seduce me Sir?” He is 6 feet 8 inches of pure male with eight extra limbs that come out when he is passionate.

              Lukas grabs her more tightly and she moves directly in contact with his most dominant limb. “My dear I can’t wait any longer. I need you right now.”

“Do you see anyone complaining?”

She feels him enter her as several other limbs crawl up her back and come around. They grab onto her breasts, slowly kneading and sucking at the same time. Something else joins between her slit below and starts sucking on her already sensitive nub.

            Violet gasps and holds on to his back. Lukas lifts her up and presses her against the shower wall. “Lukas you drive me mad,” she barely whispers.

     His lips come down on hers as the suctions all over her body cause her to whimper. She continues to spiral higher and higher as Lukas starts pumping in and out faster. It’s too much and she screams into his mouth as she comes hard.

Are you hot and bothered yet? I definitely need a fan.

I changed the cover a bit too. I can’t wait for everyone to read this one. It’s my favorite by far. 

Next up is: Double Examination. I’ll post the cover as soon as I choose the right picture for it. I might use a male on the cover this time. ooh la la.


New Fairy Tale Story

I have so many things I want to write, and the voices in my head must be heard.  I’m almost done with Tentacle Examination, and it’s hotter than ever!  But the nagging voice in my head keeps wanting to write a Goldilocks story.  Here’s the cover:

Beautiful young woman against three athletes in darkness

Three hot alpha bears and one poor Goldilocks.  I wish I was in her place!  I wasn’t sure about using the pixie girl.  Does she look too young? I want her to be around 19 or 20. Maybe I shouldn’t worry.  Who’s going to be looking at her with those three hot guys in the back? Am I right?

Now back to Tentacles and Aliens. I love my life!

Published first Book in Energy Mating Series

I’m so excited!  Take that nameless friend who’s still not published. (insert evil laugh, but not too evil cause I’m not heartless). At 1:00 this morning, about 7 hours ago, I published my first book with Amazon publishing. The book is titled Alien Examination and is in my energy mating series.  Here’s the description:

“Violet needs help when every man around here starts to make her horny.  She sets up an appointment with a doctor’s office that specializes in sexual problems.  Little does she know but these doctor’s aren’t exactly from around here.  And their sexual healing is out of this world.”

And for my favorite people in the world here’s a sneak peek:

As she places her feet in the stirrups she realizes she is completely exposed now.

He slowly places one finger in her pussy and places the other hand on her stomach. Just his one finger feels massive and really good. She starts to wiggle on his finger.

“Please hold still.  You definitely have enough lubricant down here.  That’s very good.  How does that feel?” he asks as he slides his finger in and out.

“Okay,” she says.

He then inserts two fingers and starts moving them.

“How does that feel?”


He finally inserts four of his massive fingers and she feels stuffed.

“That feels amazing,” she says.

His thumb then starts massaging her clit.  And she feels the orgasm build up when he suddenly removes his hands.

“No!” she cries out.

“Don’t worry.  I know we need to relieve pressure.  I can help out or we have a machine in another room that can automatically do this.  What would you feel more comfortable with?”

She thinks about this.  Could a machine really bring her the type of climax she was about to get with this hulking man? Her decision is easy and she says, “Well I’d rather you do it than a machine.”

Let’s just say she does end up using that “machine” and of course she doesn’t realize it’s really 3 hunky men claiming her as their mate. But at least if she dies, she’ll die in ecstasy, right?!? (new evil laugh inserted, this time with a little sexy in it)

Since this is my first time publishing with Amazon I’m not sure how long it will really take to upload.  The dashboard is saying it’s “In Review”… whatever that means. In the mean time, I working on the second book titled “Tentacle Examination”. Here’s a peek at the possible cover:


Happy Reading!